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How to Install FilmPlus on FireStick & Android TV Box?


Compared to many apps like Nova TV and Cyberflix TV, FilmPlus is well known for featuring a lot more links, giving you access to thousands of TV shows and movies. Streaming buffs love this free app for its effectiveness in scraping many high-quality entertainment links.

If you have a FireStick or Android TV box and want to know how you can install FilmPlus, keep reading and we’ll guide you through the exact steps.

How to Install FilmPlus?

Before you install FilmPlus, you will need to take the necessary steps to make sure it will download to your device without any problems. Start by enabling unknown sources on the device you want to download it on.

To enable unknown sources on Amazon FireStick, go to Settings. Search for My Fire TV and choose Developer Options. Finally, click on Enable Apps From Unknown Sources.

In order to enable unknown sources on the Android TV box, go to Settings. From there, click on Enable Unknown Sources. Now you should be able to install FilmPlus and access its large content library whenever you want.

Part 1: Installing FilmPlus on Amazon FireStick

FilmPlus will not be directly available on the Amazon App Store because it is a third-party app. Sideloading will be a necessary part of the downloading process, but it’s an easier process than you may think. It will definitely be worth it for all of the free content you will be able to have with a click of a button.

Step 1: You will need to turn your FireStick on and go to the home screen.

Step 2: Select “Find” and then go to “Search.”

Step 3: Type “Downloader” into the search or use the voice function to put it in. It should be available to find as a suggested search after a few letters once you type it in manually.

Step 4: Find “Downloader” under Apps and Games where it will appear in the search results. Find it by looking for its orange background.

Step 5: Download the app, then hold down the home button on your remote so you can access Settings.

Step 6: Within the options of the Settings screen, you will find “My Fire TV.” Click that, then go to Developer Options where you will see either “Apps from Unknown Sources” or “Install Unknown Apps” depending on which version of OS your FireStick has.

Step 7: Turn this option or turn permissions on so you will be able to download FilmPlus.

Step 8: Once Downloader is enabled, open it from the home screen. Now go to the “Enter a URL” box.

Step 9: You will need to enter the URL for FilmPlus APK – https://aftv.news/228400 into the search bar. Then select “Go” after you have finished.

Step 10: It will take some time to download onto your FireStick, but once it is finished, click “Install” once the installation prompt appears on the screen.

Step 11: Click “Done” on the confirmation screen once it appears, then select Delete to delete the FilmPlus APK app to save space on your FireStick. Confirm the deletion afterward.

After following these steps, you will be able to use FilmPlus on your Firestick any time you want.

Part 2: Installing FilmPlus on Android TV Box

You will follow a similar process for downloading FilmPlus onto your Android TV box.

Step 1: Go to the Apps section of your home screen and select the search bar under “Get More Apps.

Step 2: Type in Downloader on your remote and install the downloader to start the process of installation.

Step 3: Go back to your home screen once the download has been completed and then go to your Settings.

Step 4: From there, you will find a section called Security and Restrictions.

Step 5: Use the toggle button in order to allow unknown sources to be downloaded on your Android TV box.

Step 6: Once you have enabled unknown sources, launch the downloader from the Apps section of your home screen and type in the URL of FilmPlus.

Step 7: Click Go and wait for the app to install. Once it is finished, you will be able to open the app and use it to stream thousands of shows.

How to Use FilmPlus?

Once FilmPlus has finished installing on your device, you will be able to open the app and access the home screen. There are two main categories that you can access from there, along with many different subcategories within them.

The two main categories are tv shows and movies. The subcategories include animation, action, trending, top-rated, comedy, popular, kids, family, documentary, drama, action and adventure, and airing today.

Choose something from any category you want, hit play, and you will be able to choose where to watch your chosen content with a variety of links provided to you.

Select any of those links and enjoy your favorite shows and movies. You can also play the content from FilmPlus with an external media player. Choose whatever you’d like to see, and select “play with” so you can play it with any media player of your choice.

What is FilmPlus?

FilmPlus is a free app allowing you to stream thousands of movies and television shows on demand from your FireStick and Android TV Box in 4K quality. If you are a movie buff, you will definitely enjoy having access to the unlimited amount of content that FilmPlus features.

The app was inspired by other amazing streaming apps, such as Terrarium TV, but the difference is that it uses advanced link crawling technology. Advanced link crawling allows FilmPlus to gather its content from higher quality sources, free of cost to you.

FlimPlus is relatively new to the streaming world, but it already has a tremendous amount of users who frequently use its user-friendly app to access their favorite shows. There is no need to create an account or pay a subscription fee in order to use the app. FilmPlus continues to run through the use of advertisements so you can continue to enjoy a huge content library.

All you have to do is follow the necessary steps to download the app and then you can access and download movies or television shows to watch on your preferred device.

Is FilmPlus Legal?

While FilmPlus is a convenient app, it only gathers links from outside sources, like other host websites, to provide you with the shows and movies you want to see.

The links that FilmPlus gathers could very well hold copyright-protected content. FilmPlus is not available on any of the official app stores, such as the Apple App Store, Google Play, or the Amazon App Store.

As a result, many people may hold some suspicion over whether or not they will get in legal trouble for using FilmPlus. Additionally, there is not any real way to verify the legality of any of the content that you may find on FilmPlus.

While you will not get into any trouble for non-copyrighted content, you will still have to be careful about the content you access. It can be difficult to tell the difference between copyrighted and non-copyrighted content.

If you want to stay on the safe side, you can try downloading a VPN while streaming with FilmPlus to keep your online identity and activity safe. That way, you can remain safe from the authorities in case you accidentally stream copyrighted content. Two really good VPNs that are available are ExpressVPN and IPVanish.


IPVanish is an amazing VPN service that was established in 2012, with over 1,500 servers in over 75 different locations. It provides many different plans that can appeal to many different users for whatever they need. These plans include the monthly plan, the quarterly plan, and the yearly plan.

With advanced encryption, online anonymity, and many more safety features, you can be reassured that your online presence will be completely secure from outside sources. Their zero-log policy will protect their users from getting their information stolen or distributed.

IPVanish is a VPN service that you can use across an unlimited amount of devices. That way, you can allow anyone in your household or any of your friends to utilize it as well.


ExpressVPN is another reputable VPN service that was established in 2009, with 3,000 servers across 1,000 countries. With a user base of 3 million subscribers, ExpressVPN has certainly made a name for itself. Since it has servers in many different countries, you will be able to set your location wherever you’d like to keep your online identity safe and secure.

You will be able to use ExpressVPN on many devices, such as Amazon FireStick, Android, iOS, and more. You can use the free trial and claim a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can have a risk-free way to test their services out before making a solid purchasing decision.

ExpressVPN provides 24/7 support through live chat and email, so you can work through any problems that you may encounter while using this VPN. This VPN can be an amazing first choice if you are just learning about VPNs and trying to find what is right for you.

They can use encryption to keep hackers and information trackers away from your online activity and information, so it will not be distributed to any outside sources that could harm you. With ExpressVPN, you can enjoy unrestricted access to the content you want to see.


There is a reason why FilmPlus is so well-loved and reputable. Its high-quality links and sheer amount of entertainment is just unparalleled compared to other alternatives. Follow our steps to install FilmPlus on FireStick and Android TV Box, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying unlimited entertainment in no time!


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