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Free Mega Premium Accounts Details (2024) – Unlimited Storage


Are you also looking for Free Mega Premium Accounts 2024 Details with No upload limit & no download limit? If yes, then you’ve come to the most appropriate place to find them.

Mega is a popular cloud storage service that offers a free plan with 20 GB of storage. If you need more storage, you need to upgrade to a premium plan.

Premium plans start at €4.99/month for 2 TB of storage and go up to €29.99/month for 16 TB of storage.

If you’re not sure if you want to commit to a premium plan, you can try out a free Mega premium account.

A Mega premium account provides you with Faster downloads, More storage, No ads, End-to-end encryption, and other features.

If you’re looking for a free way to get unlimited storage from Mega, use the below giveaway accounts that allow you to upload your files without any limitations.

Free Mega Premium Accounts Username & Password (Updated – July 15, 2024)

Mega E-mailPasswordLast Updated
narutosf4556@gmail.comniyoSde6&July 15, 2024
megafilesho1247@yahoo.comFrankit$%July 15, 2024
kilvishsert419@gmail.comlavnder14!July 15, 2024
nayakarchu12@yahoo.co.inzc5j5tr55wJuly 15, 2024
kmwforever56@hotmail.com4nightonlyJuly 15, 2024
sumanjha265@gmail.comeb5ut83mdpJuly 15, 2024
idcardeii47@gmail.combiotech12July 15, 2024
ppathak084@gmail.comx991xu8s9lJuly 15, 2024
bataraoliezel1@gmail.comMosses*84July 15, 2024
warfare114545@gmail.comBlueblue641 Day Ago
arizonagal58@aol.comoldbat501 Day Ago
boris.maurice211@gmail.comjeezy3211 Day Ago

We have categorized these Mega accounts into four parts- Pro Lite (400GB Storage), Pro I (2TB Storage), Pro II (8TB Storage), and Pro III (16TB Storage).

Mega Premium Accounts – Pro Lite (400GB Storage)

E-mail IDPassword

Mega Premium Accounts – Pro I (2TB Storage)

E-mail IDPassword

Latest Mega Premium Accounts – Pro II (8TB Storage)

E-mail IDPassword

Mega Premium Accounts – Pro III (16TB Storage)

E-mail IDPassword

Benefits of Mega Premium

If you have a large number of files that you want to upload on Mega, then the premium plan will be very beneficial for you. Here are some benefits of Mega Premium:

  • Increased Storage Space: In the premium plan, you’ll get more storage space compared to the free plan. It is ideal for storing large files and extensive data collections.
  • Faster Transfer Speeds: You’ll get faster upload and download speeds, ensuring that your files can be transferred quickly and efficiently.
  • Enhanced Security Features: Mega Premium has advanced security features, including end-to-end encryption, to protect your data from unauthorized access and breaches.
  • Enhanced file versioning: Mega allows users to store multiple versions of their files. It means you may have access to an extended file version that you can use to restore previous versions of your files or access older revisions.
  • Extended retention of deleted files: Free Mega accounts typically retain deleted files for a limited period, after which they are permanently removed. Premium accounts may provide longer retention periods which allows you to recover accidentally deleted files for an extended duration.

Methods to Get Free Mega Premium Accounts

There are several methods that people use to get Mega Premium for free. Here are some most common ones.

Free Trials

Mega offers free trials of its Premium service, typically lasting for one month. This is an excellent way to experience the benefits of Mega Premium without purchasing a subscription.

To sign up for a free trial, visit Mega’s website, look for the trial offer, and follow the instructions. Be sure to cancel before the trial period ends if you do not wish to be charged.

Referral Programs

Mega has a referral program that allows users to earn additional storage space by referring new users to the service.

You can also share your referral link with your friends, family members, and colleagues. When someone signs up using your link, you will get extra free storage space.

Promotions and Special Offers

From time to time, Mega runs promotions and special offers in which you can get free or discounted Premium subscriptions. You can find these promotions on various marketing campaigns or bundled services.

Keep an eye on Mega’s official announcements, newsletters, and partner websites to take advantage of these offers.

Giveaways and Contests

Occasionally, Mega or third-party websites like iptvbites.com run giveaways and contests with Premium subscriptions as prizes. You can find 100% working Mega Premium accounts on our website as a gift for free.

Bottom Line

That’s all mates!! Above are some genuine Mega Pro Account Login ID & Password details. You can use these free accounts to upload your local files to the cloud server and can access them from anywhere.

Now you don’t have to worry about the file size because we have created a list of Mega accounts that gives you unlimited storage.

However, these accounts are open to anyone, and some people always change the password of these accounts.

If you face any difficulty while signing in, it means someone has changed the password or the account has been deleted by the officials. There are also chances that the subscription of that account has expired.

In the meantime, you can use other mentioned accounts or wait until we update the table. We try to update these accounts frequently, so if you want to get a Mega Pro account, bookmark this page and visit again later.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I create a Mega account?

A: To create a Mega account, visit the Mega website and click on the “Sign Up” button. Enter a valid email address and password to complete the registration process. Verify your account and start uploading your files on cloud storage for free.

Q: Is Mega Cloud storage free?

A: Yes, Mega offers a free plan in which you can upload your files with 20GB of storage space.

Q: Can I share files and folders with others using Mega?

A: Yes, Mega allows you to share files and folders with others by generating links that you can send to them. You can customize the level of access and permissions for the shared links, such as allowing recipients to view or edit the files.

Q: How much storage space do Mega premium accounts offer?

A: The storage space available with Mega premium accounts varies depending on the plan you choose. Premium plans provide 400GB, 2TB, 8TB, & 16TB of storage space.

Q: Can I upgrade from a free Mega account to a premium account?

A: Yes, you can upgrade your free Mega account to a premium account. Visit the Mega website and navigate to the account settings or subscription section to explore the available premium plans and upgrade options. You can also use the free mega account details from this page to upgrade to premium.

Q: Can I access my files on Mega from multiple devices?

A: Yes, you can access your files on Mega from multiple devices. Mega offers apps and clients for various platforms such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. Simply log in to your Mega account using the appropriate app or client on each device to access your files.

Q: What happens to my files if I cancel my Mega premium account?

A: If you cancel your Mega premium account, your account will be downgraded to the free plan. You will retain access to your stored files, but your storage space will be limited to the capacity provided by the free plan.

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